You are a chef (or future chef)

Why boost your food-creativity ?

Cooking has the advantage of allowing more “improvisation” to create new recipes. You can thus vary your menu to surprise and satisfy your customers.

However, you are sometimes confronted with particular requests from customers who have food restrictions (gluten-free, allergen-free, sugar-free…). Obviously, you cannot offer on your card a dish for diabetics, a dish for celiacs, a dish for different allergies… etc)

Why not propose one or two dishes, on your menu, that would be edible by everyone, whatever their diet (ethical, health, allergies, religious…)? This would allow you to reach a new clientele, to attract groups in which one of the people has a special diet and who do not find this option elsewhere.

No need to propose a dish for each diet, just develop one or two dishes that can suit everyone.

Our program can help you develop this and many other things… join us