Have you ever dreamed of being able to create new recipes instead of reproducing the ones that have been handed down since the 18th century?

Tradition is good, however, it is sometimes boring for the customers to find the same type of products in each establishment.

Most food professionals repeat each day, the same recipes learned during their apprenticeship.

Being a good cook is like being a good musician, you learn the mastery of technical gestures and follow a score (recipe). But a good musician is not necessarily a composer. It’s the same for food trades, being a good professional is good but you’re missing the most interesting and motivating part of your profession: conception. Indeed, some craftsmen try to be a little creative by “revisiting” the classics, but just like the remixes or covers in music, it’s frustrating, because it brings neither the nostalgic pleasure of the original version, nor the pleasure of discovering something new

Do you not wish to be more creative and come up with your own recipes? To imagine new textures, taste sensations and to be able to develop the product which corresponds perfectly to what you imagined?