Every month, a new challenge ….

fun and experiences…

One day a month devoted to creativity

or two half days if your schedule does not really allow it

a fun way to

stay motivated

find the desire to go further and be proactive

bring a new dynamic to the work

break the production routine

reach and retain your customers

increase your turnover

You will discover many new things, while having fun and this interlude will be doubly profitable because you will be able to reuse the recipes that you have created during these challenges, for your own business (or future project). Result: No time lost … so no need to feel guilty during this production break.

All businesses would benefit a lot from spending one day a month developing new things to offer to their customers. It’s the best way to stand out from the competition and always surprise and satisfy their customers…

Our program will allow you to discover new ingredients, to understand their functional and nutritional properties, but also to explore all the possibilities of the ingredients you already use (properties and potential of all flours with or without gluten, starches, sweeteners, fats, reactions between the different constituents of a recipe …)

We will steer you towards the best nutritional choices (in the light of advances in science) such as raw materials with low glycemic index, the best fat etc…

You will be able to create new recipes by working on the flavor, the texture, the conservation and the nutritional equilibrium at the same time.

Do not worry, all of this is discovered in a fun way, through experiences, challenges and recipes to create etc …

Join us …